Located in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is in the center of a wide hilly landscape between the Arbia, Elsa and Merse valleys, a natural enviroment with quite different peculiarities: at north the Chianti hills, at south the “Crete” , bare or with cereal cultivations, at west the “Montagnola”, mainly wooded. Siena’s most impressive aspect is the conservation state of the medieval environment, which has always attracted and amazed millions of visitator.


Pictoresque fortified village built in the XII century to defend Siena. It maintains intact walls with 14 tower which Dante Alighieri perfectly compared to giants. Wonderfull paintings and 2 fifteenth-century tabernacles can be found in the romantic-gothic Parish curch. In the surroundings, the Church of Abbadia Isola (WI cent.) keeps a famous “Madonna” by Duccio Boninsegna.


Village of etruscan origin, wonderfull example of medieval tuscan building, located on a hill up the Elsa valley. Within the double thirteenth-century city walls, there are intact street, squares, houses, churches and several towers (15 left compared to 72 in the 1300) thanks to the towers, the village is entitled “City of beautiful towers”. Solemn and fascinating, the old town centre has the Duomo Square whit the Podestà Palace, rebuilt in the XII century and, on the side, the Rognosa tower, the Chigi tower (XIII cent.) People’s Palace (XIII-XIV cent.) seat of the City Hall, whit the decorated facade and the Torre Grossa.